Lenovo SL500 and Ubuntu.. fixing the loose ends

Half a year ago I started working for a new company and they provided me with a Lenovo SL 500. I started using Ubuntu a year ago, so I was eager to try it out on my new laptop. I wanted to keep the pre-installed Windows intact, so I went the wubi way  (http://wubi-installer.org/).

After installing most things seem to work fine. Except for a few things. The extra keys, the birghtness and wifi where working non optimal. So i started my search on the internet and found solutions to all of my problems!

Setting the brightness

Ok. So setting the brightness was not easy. It requires a installation of extra drivers, and of the 2.6.30 kernel.

Installation of the new kernel (and new nVidia drivers)


Installation of the SL500 acpi driver


Installation of the Wifi firmware

Well. I’m not sure if it really fixes the drop-outs of the connections, but there is no more error in the kernel.log


Look fot the 5100 agn. Unzip the zip and copy the .ucode file to the /lib/firmware/<your_kernel>