Unobtrusive table column resize with jquery, as plugin [and google code]

Hi all,

Thanks for all the feedback on my previous post on simple resizable columns in jQuery. I took some time to learn how to build a jQuery plugin, and I am proud to present the result 🙂

Please see here: for the demo. You can also download the source code for the plugin here:

Feel free to use (just leave me some credit ;)) and comments are welcome too.


the code is also available on google code: . If you like to contribute, drop me a note 🙂


8 Responses to “Unobtrusive table column resize with jquery, as plugin [and google code]”

  1. jchin Says:

    Hi RobAu,
    Love this simple plugin.

    Have you consider putting your plugin to google code or some public source version system? so that people can collaborate on this plugin.

  2. Brigade Rouge Says:

    You are the Best !!!

  3. Miklós Bán Says:

    Hi, how can I use it with bind() in an Ajax response?

  4. ThoughtsUnrestricted Says:

    thank you thank you!!!!
    i was about to write my own plugin for my code but i am so glad i read you comment!
    great work! saved me a TON OF TIME!

  5. Bj Says:

    Thanks, Saved a lot of time.
    is there a way that the resizeable affects just two header on either side of resizing line?
    if there is, it would be helpful a lot to me

  6. Kenn Says:

    hey i want to save the column widths a db how can i grab that …. ???

  7. Grodan Boll Says:

    I tried it on my table from but unfortunately it did not work at all.

  8. bogdan Says:

    if you try to resize the last column( with the margin of the table) then you messe up all resizing process.

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